Be part of the digital healthcare age

Join the MantraCare provider network and become a part of this digital healthcare revolution. On a daily basis, doctors, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists and health experts across the world partner with us to provide online consultation to patients globally.

Online Coaching

Who can join us?

Counselor Therapist

Give counseling and improves the mental health of patients.


Provide physical therapy to relieve pain/stress of those in need.


Apply to improve the life of hundreds, keep them physically &mentally fit.

Yoga Instructors

Get started as a yoga instructor and help others. Create a safe atmosphere.



What is MantraCare?

MantraCare was established with the mission of making healthcare affordable and accessible.

MantraCare provides people from 100+ countries real-time access to high-quality & affordable health care through teleconsultations. We use technology that connects people who need care with the right doctor immediately, eliminating unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.

We offer care programs for chronic health conditions (Diabetes, Hypertension, Mental health) as well as urgent care.

Executive Coaching

Who are we looking for?

Coaches from any country or specialty are welcomed at MantraCare. Is it not only coaches, but we are also looking forward to adding psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, and health experts to our network?

As a member of the MantraCare coach network, you shall be comfortable with the new-age healthcare tools and online consultations. At the same time, be willing to provide affordable healthcare to those in need.

Career Coach
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